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Originally Posted by wdlfbio View Post
I'm looking for suggestions for dedicated wheels/tires. The only times these will be on the car are when we are heading to, at and going home from HPDEs.

...but I expect to upgrade to something like TC Kline coilovers or AST4100s and lower her a bit for HPDEs and non-winter driving around town.

...I'm thinking squared 17s for reduced weight, rotating tires to get a bit more life out of each set, less expensive tire options, and possible reduce understeer without adding camber plates.

Folks recommend Kosei K1s, but I couldn't find them under my fitment at TireRack. The only thing they showed in 17s were OZ at about $1,400 for the wheels.

Hancock RS3s seem well liked and well priced
This is what you want: I ran these for 3 years and they are flawless. This new version of the 17" ARC-8 is made for our car. They are having a Group Buy on them so you could save a lot of $$$. Read up on Apex. There are plenty of threads.

The Koseis break but you get what you pay for. You are also limited on the tire width with them. The OZs you're referring to also break quite a bit. I have friends that have broken them.

The RS3 is awesome but the Direzza is better when there's water. I have run them extensively and would always recommend them for an all around tire.