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Insurance bitchfest

I called up my insurer to add my wife's sister onto the policy. Well it wasn't the insurer, the insurer is Allianz but I got the policy through an online broker.

I am on the policy, clean licence.
Wife is on policy, two speeding fines

Sister-in-law, clean licence. ie the S.I.L. who I want to add has a better driving history than my wife who is already on the policy.

Insurance company wants 190 extra to add the sister-in-law, despite her clean driving record.


I'm planning on terminating the policy with these idiots and just getting a new policy off someone else. However I will be eating a 100 cancellation fee. I also plan to go through the insurers complaints procedure and the ombudsman to try and reclaim the 100 but none of this is going to happen in the timescale that I'll be getting a new insurance policy.

I'll argue that the cancellation fee is unfair because they are giving me the choice between cancelling the policy or paying an excessive charge to add a driver who does not increase their risk.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?