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Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
Sorry guys but when I tried to post a DIY for this and help people out, my posts were deleted because I was taking business away from a certain vendor.

I and a few others are fairly knowledgeable on doing this so if you sincerely want to learn and don't expect me to spoonfeed information to you, please PM me.

OP: Let me know if you need help. I know how to code all the things you mentioned, and then some.
throw this kid 50 bucks or something man bc he's done a great job figuring this out and we did it to my car virtually on all mods mentioned above and worked flawless. small hiccup but, damn this kid can program. im in teh west coast and he's in the east coast, all i did was plug the cable into my laptop and he did the rest from his home across the country. ! great job dawg.