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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
The DEI BMW interface set IS the Fortin interface set with DEI serial-data support. I personally would get the Clifford 5902 since I think it's the best-looking remote, and then I would get the SmartStart smartphone module for it.
wait hold on KIBMW and the INT-BMW1 are the same. They even have the same manual

the INT-BMW2 is not the same. This one allows you to not have to put the Key Fob in the ignition. :-) That the main reason why I got this one over the INT-BMW1/KIBMW

the viper 5901 and 5902 both use the same alarm brain. They are just different remotes. So later on if I want that remote ill just purchase it seperately.

Im really thinking of that smartstart module. it looks real nice. I just dont know if i want to shell out the extra cash right now......that would be nice to not have to carry 2 key fobs