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NYS Gun Laws

I know all of you aren't New Yorkers but I would like to hear peoples opinions on the recently passed gun laws.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous, i'm f**king embarassed to be in a state/country where this is acceptable. After the Colorado and CT shootings, people forgot that there were TWO issues that needed to be addressed.

1) Gun control

Politicians have yet again chosen the easier and more socially motivated topic to address, gun control. It is 100% politically motivated because in 4 years, people don't give a shit about a plan to address patients with mental illness, they are going to hear about gun control and think that this current administration is G*d's gift to us. I just frustrates me in the direction that this country is moving. People are uneducated, ignorant and selfishly motivated and its disgusting.

If you care because you don't live in NY then WAKE THE F**K UP BECAUSE THIS IS COMING TO ALL THE STATES SOONER THAN LATER!!!