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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
For me, the term menacing has very little to do with a guns appearance. It has more to do with a guns purpose; what it was specifically designed for. Guns for military use are specifically designed to kill a lot of humans quickly. That makes them menacing guns. They were not originally designed for personal use by civilians yet their derivative versions are among the most popular guns sold today.

Your self righteous indignation is duly noted, but that doesn't change the facts.

A Pew poll shows the following:

85 percent of Americans support background checks
55 percent support an assault weapons ban
54 percent support a ban on high-capacity magazines

In the past notable republicans including Ronald Reagan supported reasonable gun restrictions including a ban on certain types of guns such as those described above. That was before they were completely co-opted along with many Democrats by the NRA. The NRA says their interest is protecting citizen's rights to own guns, but truthfully their main concern is protecting gun manufacturers ability to make money.

You are (intentionally) overlooking the obvious but very important difference between BMWs and guns. BMWs are not designed to kill people.
Your argument is convoluted. The military uses fully automatic weapons that have been banned for civilians to posses a while. An AR-15 is styled after such a gun, however is no more or less capable of killing than any of other gun. And banning a gun because it seems "menacing" is absurd. By your logic all guns should be banned, since they where all designed to "kill".

Look at some rough numbers:
3,200 Killed from stabbings
8,583 Where killed associated with firearms.
16,000 people are killed per year from DUI's.
40,000 from Car deaths. (32% DUI, 31% Speeding)
100,000 Medical Mal Practice
443,000 deaths from smoking

Furthermore, a vast majority of gun violence is attributed handguns rather than rifles like an AR-15. I do not foresee banning AR-15's and magazines realistically having any real impact at all on gun violence. Statistically gun violence in the USA compared to population is a fraction of a percent. There will never be a correct anwser to gun violence, and I have no opposition to background checks, but banning things since they seem "scary" typically have a limited understanding of firearms and I perceive it as a zero sum game to say banning current AR's and AK and 30 round mags will any meaningful impact.

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