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Originally Posted by John Tanglewood View Post
Sproles is in no way a downgrade from Reggie Bush, DO NOT even let me get started.

How about the signing of Mark Ingram to bolster our already-potent backfield of Thomas, Ivory, Hamilton, and now Sproles?

Lance Moore was one of Brees' top targets last year, if not THE top target when he wasn't injured. His resigning was all but set.

Saints have about 20 players who are FA's and need to be resigned, so don't get caught up in all that.

We are a superbowl team that is much unchanged from our Superbowl year. If you think not having Bush will hurt us, then let me quote Pat Yasinkas:

"But some of the numbers that were passed along to me suggest the Saints can be just as good -- or better -- without Bush. They already have been.

Since joining the team in 2006, Bush missed 20 games. In those games, the Saints went 13-7. Thatís a .650 winning percentage. In games Bush played, the Saints went 36-24 (.600).

But we have much more than that. In games with Bush since 2006, the Saints averaged 25.9 points. Without him, they averaged 29.8. In games Bush played, the Saints averaged 377.4 yards per game. When he didnít play, they averaged 419.8.

The Saints completed 66.5 percent of their passes when Bush played. When he didnít, they completed 67.6."

And what did the Falcons do last year? Or the year before?
CJ Spiller was going to turn around the Bills last year too.
first year RB is going to have to learn NFL ball, who is clearing his way now?