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Originally Posted by DrGP View Post
I am extremely disappointed with the leather in the driver seat of my 335i coupe. I have had this car since 4/26 and have 1100 miles on it. ALREADY the leather on the seat is wrinkling and distorting. The leather seats in my S4 which I have has for 3 1/2 years looks as good as new. No comments about "You should have gotten leatherette", because vinyl seats do not belong in $45k+ BMW. Plus leatherette doesn't come in Coral red.(enough said). I am very displeased with this condition. Just wondering who else has had this problem and whether BMW would replace it under warranty. I am going to push the issue because I feel this is unacceptable. BTW, I weigh 185 lbs.
I would be happy with your seat, although I know that pics can be deceiving.

My seat has a much larger "loose" wrinkle that appeared very quickly (couple of weeks after picking up car). The dealership acknowledged that my seat was worse than average, and simply advised to wait until closer to warrany expiration (which is the easiest fix). Note: I used a loaner while my car was getting serviced that had similar mileage and the leather was significantly better quality with no wrinkles whatsoever (this is 328i sedan, not coupe although don't see how that would matter). Luck of the draw.