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Thumbs down Dumbest M3 owner?

Twas the second day yesterday that I have seen this E92 owner at Hellfrauds...

Day 1. I went to get some WD40 Silicone and there he was saying: "My gongs have gone. My PDC doesn't work anymore." So they re-wired it somehow... no idea how they installled it.

Day 2... I went past the Hellfrauds to the Wickes to get some building supplies and there he was again... "I've got buzzing in my speakers now. I can hear a low hummmmmmm.." So he was having his bass-tube disconnected by them.

Why oh why you dumb ass would you take such a beautiful M3 and give it to the incompetent hands that know nothing about the cars audio.

It gets better... after the uninstall he took it to the 3 European Jet-Wash across the car park... I watched on as they dropped the wash mit on the gritty ground... and rubbed it in to clean his car...