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Ahh what a waste...

I did work at hellfrauds for a little while and I think I was the best employee they had. My manors people kept thanking me for. My knowledge of all aspects of a car people found really helpful and the management loved that I knew how to sell and people kept buying. Especially car cleaning.

Got the job from walking in. Manager met me. Asked if I knew how to work on cars so I gave him a taste of my knowledge. He was so impressed. Hired me on the spot and said come in Sunday and just fill in the application form for the paperwork. What a laugh! Brilliant way to get a job!

Most I had a guy spend was when had already picked up a bucket. Wash sponge and some car washing soap and wax. I asked if he's ok. Got talking to see he wants to have his young son start earning his pocket money by washing his car. I ask what car. Ferrari cali.. To my shock I told him to put it all down bar the bucket. explained everything to him. And our he went spending 150.. but he was so happy to and kept saying thanks.

Another guy wanted to have his car freshened up. He saw I knew about the polishing. So he arranged he drop the car off my house for a day and have me clay, Polish, wax the car. Best money I had in ages for one day and it was a lovely 330i e92 Black.

Then the company tried being idiots to me so I quit.

Funny stories of my life haha