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Originally Posted by Silver_Fox View Post
That was actually quite funny and entertaining. Cheers for that.
Glad you liked it mate, honestly did enjoy working there, pay wasnt great or anything, I knew I could get a better job easily, infact I was already working at Waitrose I just wanted something different to do with my time, I just enjoyed the serve I could give to customers, and how nice it was to work at a shop with car stuff. Shame that they tried to be right dicks to me at the end.

New manager, I asked for EID off, (last year) Got a guy to cover, arranged it with another manager, on the day get a phone call from Branch manager saying 'its a shame you didnt turn up and didnt arrange cover, shame you decided to leave like this'

I straight away rang back after hearing it, explained the other guy was meant to cover and that the other section manager knew, and agree'd to it, he says come in on your next shift to talk about it.

Next shift im ready to work, pansy manager comes over, takes me to the back to have a chat, says for me to decide option one or two, to either quit or get fired.

I kicked off, knowing my rights, my sister is a lawyer and my brothers best mates work as retail managers, stated my rights, wrote a letter of complaint, stating everyones names and times of phone calls and everything, talked about unfair dismissal. How I have worked and others havent come in, why werent they told to leave, why was I? was this racial discrimination?

They crapped themselves, branch manager comes over saying sorry to me and really pleaded me not to go and to reconsider, I said straight thats why letter and look forward to speaking to head of hellfrauds.

I didnt follow it up, wasn't worth it, wouldn't be worth the time and effort but was such a funny story so I thought might as well share it here.

I am normally a quiet guy, very kind and polite, but do me wrong then expect me to stand up for myself. Not someone to be walked over!

Also sorry for the thread jacking :P