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Originally Posted by Russbmw View Post
Personally I'd take VW's own extended warranty.

I took BMW's extended warranty out on my e92, as you're less likely to have issues trying to claim on it - it's not unreasonably priced either, so can't imagine VWs would be bad.
Originally Posted by MattOz View Post
I've always taken the manufacturers extended warranty if I needed. Too many stories about 3rd party warranty companies not paying up for claims that the manufacturers warranty would have covered.
Thanks both.
I agree that the manufacturer's warranty has to be the best way to go and I had BMW's on my last car.
We're waiting to hear from VW but we asked our local dealer for an idea last week and, whilst he couldn't give us an exact figure, he said the minimum cover with the highest excess would be around 400 - struck me as a bit expensive.
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