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JB4 G5 Experience on 2013 335is

After couple days of driving with JB4 under map5 with 30/70 e85/93 mix, the car pulls harder than ever however there is a bog that I feel when WOT time to time. When WOT, RPM will increase then suddenly drop down couple notches and it will start to increase again.
After some research, I found out that its the clutch slipping...? Please correct me if I'm wrong. As you know already know, the car is brand new. I JUST passed 1200 miles break in period. Not sure if it's really the clutch slipping issue...
On the otherside, I did smoke a random 2013 Mustang GT 5.0 (Stock) off the highway 60~120ish? I did have a head start since the Mustang reacted too late to the third honk. lol We ended up getting off on the same exit and we came to a stop light. I rolled my windows down and I said "Nice car! Anything done under the hood?" And he said, "Thanks man! You too! No mods yet since I just got it 2 weeks ago." Then I replied, "ME TOO!! LOL" then light turned green and we went on to our separate ways.
JB4 definitely helped me "beef" up my car.

Overall, I'm 50/50 on JB4 G5 tuning due to mainly 2 reasons. (for now)
1. Inconsistency. Don't get me wrong. JB4 system has came a long way and it is surprising to see this much gain off piggy back system especially with e85 mixed. (You truly do now know the real power until you mix e85 lol)
However, for some reason, when I run back to back WOT pulls, one run I will receive max/peak boost at ~16psi but the next run will be around ~9~13psi.
And the run after that will max/peak boost at ~15psi again.
I really enjoy the extra gain of power/boost but consistency is what I am seeking over few extra peak boost.
2. Installation. Although it wasn't hard to install JB4, I personally think that if cost isn't an issue, I would get the COBB to re-flash the ecu for much deeper/in-depth tuning. In fact, you don't even need to open the hood for COBB installation process. Kick back and have a beer during the installation.

With that being said, I did purchase a COBB AP and I should have it by next week. Additional comparison between JB4/COBB will be followed after using COBB AP so please stay tuned.

I do have couple questions about COBB AP. Because there are numerous different OTS maps available off COBB website,
1. How do you know which map to go with? Currently I have BMS DCI only. Will I receive any codes if I run Stage2+FMIC Aggressive map (linear throttle) even though it says FMIC, DP is required?
2. Can you run RACE maps? Since 335is has extra cooling capability, are you able to run maps that exceeds your FBO requirements such as FMIC/DP/Exhaust mods? (Not for everyday commute)
3. Are there any protune shops in Michigan for Michigan N54 owners? If not, does e-protune have that much effect over regular protune? What is the gain after e-protune/protune compared to OTS maps? I understand that protune is specifically designed for your own vehicle but there must be an average gain right?

Please advise. ^^

Here are few logs I've done below: