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Your car (especially the DCT) probably hates you if you've only had it for 2 weeks and are ripping on it with 60-120 runs before you've finished the break-in mileage

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I do have couple questions about COBB AP. Because there are numerous different OTS maps available off COBB website,
1. How do you know which map to go with? Currently I have BMS DCI only. Will I receive any codes if I run Stage2+FMIC Aggressive map (linear throttle) even though it says FMIC, DP is required?
Read the Map Notes; but the short hand version is:
  1. Stage 1 is for completely stock cars
  2. Stage 1+ is for cars with upgradded FMIC
  3. Stage 2 is for cars with catless/sport cat Downpipes
  4. Stage 2+ is for cars with aftermarket FMIC + DPs (FBO)
If you run Stage 2+ and only have the Stage 1 mods, you only have yourself to blame when something breaks from running an over aggressive tune. Right now you only meed the mod requirement for Stage 1

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2. Can you run RACE maps? Since 335is has extra cooling capability, are you able to run maps that exceeds your FBO requirements such as FMIC/DP/Exhaust mods? (Not for everyday commute)
Once again, read the Race Map Notes. ALL of the Race Maps require an upgraded Intake, FMIC, DPs & suggest an aftermarket Catback Exhaust. These mods are just because of cooling capabilities, but because the mods (FMIC & DPs) allow you to run more aggressive tune settings that shouldn't be run with OEM components.

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3. Are there any protune shops in Michigan for Michigan N54 owners? If not, does e-protune have that much effect over regular protune? What is the gain after e-protune/protune compared to OTS maps? I understand that protune is specifically designed for your own vehicle but there must be an average gain right?
Use the COBB website, but there are no local ProTuners for the N54 in Michigan. Contact the guys at ProTuning Freaks about getting an eTune. The quality of an eTune completely depends on the quality of the data logs being taken. If you're emailing them bad logs, you can't expect them to create a quality tune around it. It seems that gains over the OTS Maps range from 25-45 HP with a ProTune, depending on conditions & gas octane being used (91, 93 or E85 blends).

OP -- Spend some time on the COBB site or on the COBB N54 Tune Thread on this forum ( to familiarize yourself with the tune before you install it & blame COBB for something that goes wrong. Clearly you haven't spent any time on N54Tech reading about how the JB4 functions otherwise you would understand why the boost level isn't consistent on Map 5.