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Originally Posted by rick100 View Post
yes but you are comparing a turbo to a supercharger

supercharger is a lot more reliable , less moving parts, easier installation

the guys running the ESS supercharger have been pretty happy. At the beginning there were some tuning issues , but they have been resolve for the most part

There have been a lot of progress in the aftermarket scene for the N52 engine. One member with full bolts on is running on par with stock 335 number 0-60 ( 5.2-5.3 sec) .

If you want to move to massive numbers I can think of better platforms than a 335 that would cost less and be a lot more reliable.

Honestly for tracking a solid 300 whp with a good suspension set up , good brakes , a nice set of tires and somewhat reliable is more than enough to have a lot of fun . There is not need to have a 400 whp , vas majority of people wouldn't be able to control it anyways

If we are talking about drag racing , unfortunately there are much better platforms out there, C6 , any V8 muscle car ...

Like I said , to me , it all depends on how much money you have already invest or dump on a car to see if a trade in for an unknown condition car is really worth it. Unless I was upgrading to a whole different car or a m235 , even 435i , m3 or 335 IS , is not really worth the trade

Now if someone came here and ask which one is better to purchase and he wanted power, no doubt , get a 335 from the start, specially now with such low prices
i disagree on superchargers being more reliable then turbo chargers. There plenty of evo's with over 100k on original turbo chargers.

I've had both turbo charged and supercharged cars.

There pros and cons to both, it really depends on the manufacturer in how long they want to design there parts to last. theres a cost to value ratio that every manufacturer chooses.

In terms of plateform you want to use, thats up to your personal choice. Mine was my personal opinion.
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