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Sorry to hear that you are still throwing money at this and not got a solution yet...

You have two out of range readings for your pre-cat O2 sensors. That will result in messed up injection adaptations from the ECU (in short, the ECU uses the O2 sensors to adjust the amount of fuel, so that "just enough" unburnt fuel is sent in the exhaust to minimize emissions, etc).

A common causes are that the sensors are fried. But it also seems that your sensors are measuring rich condition (multiplicative adaptation is negative), and failing sensors usually measure lean. Since they are quite expensive, and you have already shoveled money at this like crazy, just don't take my word on it, check.

Could also be a clogged catalyst converter. (the most common cause for rich would be leaking injectors, but yours are new, sooo). Another possibility is a bad MAF, you had a code on that.

It is not very probable to be an air leak (would result in sensors measuring lean, not rich).

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