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Originally Posted by ajsalida View Post
This is great advice. Lot of subtleties with this car in general and each car specifically. Tune first, step up through the FBO mods, learn as you go, last go for hybrids or beyond.

You may find you don't need more power at some point, or find that it is too much hassle. Plus somewhere in there you'll be wanting suspension mods or brakes whatever. Meanwhile hardware evolves and who knows what will be out there in a year.

Finally the learning curve is important, tackling an instantly highly modded car might be really hard to debug even the simplest thing if you aren't intimately familiar with every step along the way.
Yeah like I said we have guys here that are making 450+whp/480+wtrq and the car loves it no issues. Around cobb stage 1+ Fmic / stage 2 aggressive my car wasn't as happy as the logs other people post. So its best to work it in and know what kinda car you have.

Wouldn't take that long either:
throw a tune on drive for a few 100 miles logging
then FMIC + Intake + tune upgrade drive a few 100 miles
then meth + e85 log a few 100miles
then upgraded turbos and you're done lmao

somewhere I'd do suspension... I did Dinan Stage 3 and while you can do just as good or better for cheaper, it did make a noticeable improvement on my XI You don't have an m3 suspension and you're asking a LOT from the car even stock to take turns at high speeds, throw on double or triple the HP and it would give me pause.

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