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Originally Posted by LaYzEe View Post
^^^ 2 diff colored springs...what brands were u guys using?
As you can see, the left side is still the original 335i set-up with vogland spring. The right side is the M3 lower camber link with M3 damper and Swift main spring, helper spring, adapters and thrust sheets.

The swift main and helper spring combo are much lighter than the vogland by 1 lb and 15 oz. Not to mention the M3 lower camber link is already 2 lbs lighter than the 335i unit(much less un-sprung mass!). Lighter springs have faster reaction. Faster spring reaction absorbs bumps on the road and other harsh conditions faster (tires can stick better on pavement), and smoother, therefore, you get better ride quality, and easier on tires. We have fitted up to 800 lb/in spring(don't try this at home kids!) and the ride is as good if not better than the heavy single 600 lb/in spring.

A customer who rode in the car yesterday said he can't believe how well my car rides with such an agressive suspension set-up!
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