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help on Ways to get the updated software for NAVI

hey guys. i got my e90 in Nov 05. never had any software upgrades, i know there been many software upgrades and what not. i know the newest ones will change and speed up the Navi, mine is pretty slow at times, and recently it's been rejected my NAVI disk, saying "insert DVD" when the NAV DVD is already in the drive. but its been working as of now.

my service indicator light just came on for the "Brake Fluid" service
(i have 42,xxx miles on the car) and i figured now might be a good time to get some issues settled. i know there is a NEW SIB (prog 27?) that calls out the NAVI software upgrade only on a customer complaint basis. now i dunno how everyone else in America are getting their "free" software upgrade, but seems like all the San Diego Dealers are asshats about this upgrade, i mention this in the past when bringing in my car but they all state that there is no new software upgrade (even though there are SIBs)...

sooo, to make this short.. how the heck do i get this software upgrade? since i'll be bringing in the car ftr the Brake Fluid service, i might as well try to get the latest software (so my NAVI can be a bit faster) as well as address the driver side door handle is "peeling" issues i seen on the forum that was easily taken care of elsewhere with dealers.. but seems like SD dealers are asshats when it comes to this junk.

any ideas or help on ways i can approach to have these issues taken care of on the dealers dime and not mine? any help would be appreciated.. lookin to schedule an appointment for the service later this week. thx