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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Your MULF is most probably either behind or above your glovebox. That's the new location from factory.
Sorry to dig up an old thread but I have a similar question..

Soon to take delivery of a late 2011 production E90 318i which has the following:

- Basic BMW Professional Radio
- Steering wheel controls
- Bluetooth telephone preparation
- USB audio interface

- NO I-Drive/CIC

What I am interest to find out is if I can play an Iphone/ipod natively through the professional radio without utilising the AUX input. (Basically using the standard apple cable instead of the BMW cable).

For the above, I understand that the COMBOX may have native support, but the MULF does not.

Question is, with this setup, if an iphone/ipod doesnt work just over usb, will changing out for a combox enable this functionality (for an iphone).

Going further, would this allow the use of the music or media snap-in adaptor so that USB audio could be provided from an iphone, from the cradle???

Thanks for your help.