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Originally Posted by e46m3to335i View Post
I spent last weekend detailing my car and my car had to go to the dealer yesterday evening.

Before I left the car at the dealer, I asked the SA if they had a brushless car wash or one that had brushes. He said they only hand wash vehicles that come in for service. I told him I was asking because I put several hours in last weekend getting all of my swirl marks out of my paint. He said I wouldnt have a thing to worry about.

After putting in 12-14 hours last week polishing my car with FG400, SI1500 and PL. Car was looking awesome.

Pick the car up today and it seriously looks like its in worse condition than before I did the paint correction last weekend. Swirl marks galore

Is there any specific way to properly remove a sealent such as Menzerna PL??

Thanks in advance.

so you are saying the dealer put the swirls in by washing it?

you will remove the sealant by first washing the car with a good soap and then clay barring the surface and then polishing to remove the swirls... this will also remove all the sealant

if the swirls are light, i would try a finishing polish with a white pad with moderate speed and pressure... be sure to wipe the car afterwards with car pro eraser or something similar to get the best bond b/t paint and sealnt

also, after i spent a week taking swirls out of my new car i will never bring my car in again without putting a sign in the window saying "no wash" and without telling the service rep every time to not touch my cay with any cleaning

in my case, my new car's had been sitting on a lot for 6 months and had a bit of enviro damage and small particles and stuff on it... saw it at the dealer on sunday night inspected the paint and all was fine... i picked up the car Monday at noon, i was thinking there was no way they could do much damage in a few hours, was i wrong... swirled and scratched and it was unreal what they did... when i gave my evaluation of my new car to bmw Canada, there was a specific question about the delivery condition and i failed them and said it was horrible and swirled and scratched

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