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Originally Posted by 35mphgolf
Ive seen this problem in every other FSI engine; VW, Audi, Mazda.. All those guys talk about carbon buildup being a problem.
I've also heard em say catch cans don't do that much either (seems to be polarized within the community, could be all speculation) - 335dM, can you speak to this? Have you seen or come across long term results from an FSI engine with a catch can?
I have no experience with fsi engines. But as someone above said, when our car are floored , EGR is close which is a very good thing. Also the regeneration of DPF too is good too at wide open but would significantly be better if we were to add meth injection which would help lower both. EGT and intake temp. and eliminating carbon build up. ( This method is preferred combined with distilled water because when injected it would liberate hot water vapors which will help clean the combustion chamber)
Now! We have a second problem on our cars! Filtration and water separation from fuel. We need extra oil and fuel filtration. Injectors seals failure comes from bad fuel or debris in fuel which could be eliminate by adding a 5-10 Micron secondary fuel filter. At least it would give our injectors some more life to it. Same for oil.