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Hey guys-

Yes, this week we have been understaffed.

To top it off, we didn't renew our sponsorship until the date it was up (yesterday) and it took 24 hours to become active again- we assumed an immediate reactivation. Our PM box immediately was over the limit.

This has now been taken care of.

NPDAN- PM on its way. All of your stuff has shipped and springs go out today!

Just for reference, the best way to contact us is via email- . Even if we are out of the office, we are all setup to reply mobile.

Further, we have had some issues with the toll free number not correctly forwarding calls and instead we only are able to get messages. If you have this issue, please leave a message and we will reply immediately! This issue has been brought to the attention of our service provider and they are telling us a 3-4 day window before it correctly works again.

Garrett | Unique Euro Design

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