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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Is it a manual tranny thing? Because I feel as if it's because the system is wanting to hold the car on a hill. I can't be sure but imho it's the electronic controls today that mess up the brakes. Like I said, my coworker had her 3rd set of rear brakes on her Accord installed at 45k. Then she found out about the class action that Honda lost, and she got 2 of the 3 reimbursed partially.

Does anyone with an auto have the problem? I just live with it. But another thing I noticed is that at 29k, my fronts have like 41k left, and the rears only 22k. How do rears have a shorter life than fronts? And users can't really abuse the rears short of pulling up the parking brake...
I have an auto. It's loud!!!