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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
Wow. You did REALLY well.
Well, what really happened is that another buyer called me the day I was going to show the car to the first person that called about the car. The second caller urgently wanted to see the car but I told them I was already showing it at lunch and if they wanted to see it later in afternoon then ok. 5 min later I get a whatsapp from second caller saying they really want to buy my car so how's about this--they won't negotiate on the price and as long as their mechanic says it look ok, they'll buy it. I ignored this message for a little while as I was just about the show the car to first caller. During the showing when the buyer asked about possible reduction on my $350K asking price I said "you can make me an offer and I'll consider it but first I'm going to go show the car to this other buyer who sent me this whatsapp message" (and then I showed it to him) . So he understood that an offer lower than my asking would likely mean the car would be purchased by someone else. After his mechanic gave thumps up we took a short test drive and before the drive was over we had agreed on a sale.