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Originally Posted by DeFKnoL View Post
One of the reasons was thinking that the Logic7 upgrade would have been preferrable is the speaker set up. In the front, there are no separate tweeters, hence if I drive with my arm on top of the steering wheel, I loose some of the highs as my arm is blocking the lowly placed door speaker.

Having the tweeter in the sail (as in the Logic7) would have prevented this. Now I am thinking of a way to get my highs by either adding in an aftermarket tweeter in the sails (this means cutting, yuck!) or on top of the dash near the window. I like the soundstage of having them on top near the window with the phase reversed. Yet that would require some cutting as well (yuck again!). Perhaps I can replace that part of the dash with one that already has those grills built in, but I'm skeptical I'd find such a peice anywhere.
Is this a Coupe or a Sedan?

The Logic7/HiFi tweeter pods can be purchased, so you can have your tweeters in the OEM mounts if you want.

You could even have a center speaker in the OEM mount as well, that also improves the front stage if done right.

You see, BMW wants YOU to buy the parts instead of making the HiFi system (10-speakers and the OEM amp) standard and THEY paying for them in production costs.