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Does there really need to be a warning on EVERYTHING sold because people dont take the due diligence to research and educate themselves on the consequence of an action BEFORE they do it.

If you went and heated a set of $2500 Volk wheels in a powdercoating oven the same thing could happen.

Th OP destroyed the structural integrity of the wheel by baking it.
There is nothing wrong with VMR wheels.

Th OP is 100% at fault because he altered the product (and damaged it) without consulting the manufacturer.

If you put a hot drinking glass in a sink full of cold water it will explode and shatter. Do we need to put labels on that too? No.

People need to take responsibility for their actions and think/consult others before making assumptions on what will or will not be ok.

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I agree 100% that vmr should at least have a warning on their website it's obvious that they knew about it.