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I have to return some video tapes
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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
I'm putting my self out there for this kid too,
I'm 19. got my car at 17, dad paid for literally half my car and i worked my ass off for two years straight to pull the cash together to get a 335i my mind was SET on that car didn't care e90, 92, 93.(just get me a damn n54!) and be proud you dad bought you that car. DAMN straight your dad bought you that car. brag about it be like bitches my dad bought me this shit. lol I had to get Straight A-s and work at the shop for 2 years to till i got mine.
this was my first post. LOL i didn't dare do what you just did knowing id have a bad start on here.

had dreams of making my car LOOk BADASS. but performance over took me i upgraded my turbos I'm FBO EVERYTHING got all that done while i was still 18. i Mod the local N54s and clean the intake valves of almost all the cars in the DFW that where i get my modding money from and I'm a full time pre-med student. i think its safe to say i get the title for youngest 500hp+ n54 owner
also Blew my trans and now upgrading. if your gonna Mod find someway to make money. My dad.. he would have made me sell my car if was paying for any of my mods or maintenance. and my dad gave up on me after he saw my 5gal meth tank lol

never been in an accident but my driving record isn't clean either :roll eyes:

everyone here needs to chill out. congrats kid on the new car. enjoy it drive the shit out of it i know i do but be smart. Im retarded when it comes to driving, but i DGAF.. lol .
lololol i seriously laughed out loud just thinking what a judge would say

ND4SPED plus 131 in a 60 haha idk why i think that's so funny

regardless, that's much higher than any ticket i've ever gotten. props to you, sir
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