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Talking Whats up? Im new to the Bimmer universe

Whats going on people? Well as the title says, Im new to the Bimmer universe. I just traded in my 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe for a 2009 monaco blue 335i coupe, and holy sh*& its like night and day, a completely new driving experience. I was never interested in buying a Bimmer, because I was trying to find a car that could beat them( 3 series in general) because I new the G competed with the 335, as well as a few other cars, but the G just didnt have that extra oompf to out perform the 3. I was more interested in buying either a 370Z or a G37, but the Z was way to small compared to what I had, plus it seemed like a down grade for me when it came to the interior and the overall apperance. Especially coming from a car that had leather and other extras features, to a less apealing interior of the Z. As far as the G37, it would have been a nice upgrade but at the same time it still was triumphed by the power of the 335i. So I was like wtf, two different cars that compete with the same car and both still lost due to multiple reviews and testing. So I was like ok, what kind of car do I need to compete with the 3 without getting on the American muscle band wagon, in which everybody and their mother's own either a Ford, Dodge, or Chevy. Im not a fan of American muscle, eventhough there packed with power, I just dont see myself ever going that route, when it comes to buying a car. So then I had an epiphany. I was like why should I try to find a car that could outperform my former rival? Why not just get the car that does it all. Before I decided on the 335, I did some research on performance parts for our cars and from what I read, I saw that they only needed a few minor mods that would make that car go far and beyond the power that I wanted (JB4, intake, DP, and meth) almost around 400ish hp a huge upgrade coming from a 280hp G in which I would have to get forced induction and a few other things which cost way more compared to those few mods. Since yesterday, I've caught myself jumping in the car for just about everything. So far I've already ordered the black kidney grills, painted reflectors, and the JB4 with BMS DCI. Hopefully the JB want hurt anything since Ill be keeping it on map 1 since the only thing I will have is DCI. So yea, Im officially out with the G in with the 3. The only thing that I can truly say that I will miss about the G, is that it's a rare car, being stationed over here in Germany. It was definitly a head turner, but now I guess Ill blend in with every other Bimmer,Audi, and Merc on the road... Oh well