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Originally Posted by quattrogmbh View Post
1800 from the dealer on 17" runflat pirelli's. Funnily enough, service dept suggest snow tyres will make little difference :-)

Probably not the cheapest approach, but surely the easiest.

Time to jump ship for an S4 / RS4 or something else 4x4???
You're just being lazy, and quick to condemn the 3er for not being driveable in wintry conditions when in fact it's the setup of the car by the driver that isn't suitable... I've seen Audi Quattros stranded at the roadside as well, because of the tyres they're on, not the fact it's 2WD or 4WD. A friend of mine crashed his X5 because when he tried to drive off from being parked on a steepish hill, he had no grip and ended up sliding back into the car behind. I drove up the same hill in my own car, rear wheel drive, wide 19' wheels and all that with no problems whatsoever... because I was on winter tyres.

It amazes me how people are so quick to condemn the machine, when it should really be their own intelligence, or lack of in some cases, that should be condemned....

8J x 17" alloys, replica (who cares, they're only used in bad winter conditions) - 350

225/45/17 Vredestein Wintrac Extreme 94H XL - 126 each

Total - 854 + fitting