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Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
Great vid! really shows the difference between the two in the corners.

Vanos codes can be two fold, either the solenoids, or worn cam bearing ledges on the early builds. The ledges are known to wear prematurely and groove, leading to reduced oil pressure in the vanos system. Only fix for that is to replace them (I have had that done, and still occasionally throw a vanos code, which I think is my solenoids).

I don't remember the cutoff date, but I know they had a revised part no. at some point which fixed the problem.
I have a 10/06 build, and the solenoids stated giving me issues after 50k miles. I replaced both, and knock on wood, have been fine since, with over 100K miles on the clock. Not sure what build dates you think are affected by the cam thing, but mine is way early, and no issues, just the solenoids themselves.
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