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Originally Posted by Belarus View Post
Sine you've been having mushy brake pedal with all of your cars (I'm assuming during your daily drive) after only slamming few times on the brakes (surprised you din't put that brake pedal through the floor... cough..cough) just use Castrol SRF - DOT 4 - 590F (310C) / 518F (270C), if that doesn't help, then you're SOL until a special brand comes out for your heavy brake pedal foot. While you're at it also upgrade to StopTech or Brembo GT at least 6 pitson front and 4 piston rear BBK.

BTW I'm interested how often you change your brake pads and rotors... hmmm every 10K miles...
I use Motul 600 and I'm very happy with it.
Only had the E92 for a little over a month, so I don't know how long the rotors and and pads will last. Last summer I wore a set of HP+ pads on the E36 in ~5 track days, half a dozen autocrosses and 6K miles of street driving. Now with it completely retired to track use it's getting Pagid Yellows and a brake cooling kit, we'll see how long those last.
Not sure how any of that is relevant, but you asked
And thanks for the specs anyway

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