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Originally Posted by nekpa View Post
kalud ;
Is it may possible to have both ALL and REST functions work together?
sorry could you make me clear what the FSW_PSW.TRC is?
thank you in advance!
I don't think so, there is only a single button, and it either ALL or REST. Sorry to have been a bit too technical about the FSW_PSW.TRC file. It the file you need to modify in order to code the function between ALL and REST. You need to either find someone to code it for you or DIY. If you DIY all the information is available but its a pretty long read.

DIY thread on coding:

Lots of information, but insanly long thread to read (115 pages as of writing, but you don't need to read it all):

In summary, you get a OBD (D-CAN) cable off ebay or a vendor here, then you install NCSExpert, Inpa, Ediabas that you can find in the previous links and then you basically follow a PDF guide and code the "REST_TASTE_VERBAUT" key to aktiv (for REST) or nicht_aktiv (for ALL).

Hope this helps