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Originally Posted by m power /// View Post
Hey guys, so like the title states I have $1500 to spend, originally planned on going rob becks but would hate to replace a clutch/level 10 so soon specially with the way I drive. So heres the big question, i have search and it seems most people are going with ar desgin 3'' catless downpipes here are my questions.

Current mods:
JB 4
Bms DCI's

1) What is the most inexpensive bang for buck down pipes?
2) Decent but inexpensive meth kit?
3)Decent but inexpensive Fmic?
4)What kit do i need to run e85?. Can i run E85 and meth together or is it one or the other.?
1) bang for buck... Vrsf are good
2) you don't want this
3) ETS 5 Inch but VRSF will have a 5 inch one soon as well
4) Nothing, but you should have your ecu fuel tables reflashed. I don't recommend meth and e85...