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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
I'll list a couple with the pricing from the manufacturer (so you can prob. find a better price):
  • BMS N54 DPs ($379) - BMS is just releasing their N54 DPs, so fitment can't be guaranteed. But I think everyone anybody in the BMW community can agree that when dealing with BMS & Terry, you're going to get great customer service. If it doesn't fit, Terry will make it right.
  • Fabspeed ($550 from VAC Motorsports) - Fabspeed is a real well known, aftermarket exhaust company on a variety of platforms (BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, etc.). Their products are made in the USA & incorporate the OEM subframe mount - what's special about this is that it guarantees the DPs won't rotate & start rubbing against the subframe once installed AND it takes all the stress off the DP connection with the turbos (the bracket is carrying the weight).
  • CP-e ($650) - Cast bellmouth housing & single bent tubing that guarantees undisrupted airflow post turbo (no welds subject to cracking, no quality concerns). Also made in the USA.
  • Active Autowerke ($700) - Active Autowerke's is one of the most well-known & respected aftermarket tuners in the BMW community. While you might pay a little for name, the AA products are near OEM quality. These also incorporate the subframe mount that I really like, guaranteeing headache free fitment.

Yea, DPs are just metal tubes & shouldn't be expensive to make. But what makes some DPs more expensive then others are quality of materials, fitment & quality control (aka, where they're manufactured). I originally had the affordable DPs & ditched them because of install headaches & they rubbed against the subframe everytime I turned left. I swapped them for Akras (gift) and wish I bought them originally -- They are single bent tubes, have the OEM bracket & the fitment was factory quality.
So what do you think about VRSF'S downpipes?