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Downpipe Install Advice

For Christmas my wife got me Raceland DPs so I decided to take a stab at the install myself and have came to an impasse. Basically I'm pretty sure the front DP has some sort of fitment issue. The rear went on perfectly.

No matter what I do I cannot get the front DP to line up. As a matter of fact, to even get the connection to the cats close, the front and rear O2 sensors are actually touching (see pic). But still that doesn't give me enough room to get both bolts through the connection to the cats (see pic).

If I remove the O2 sensor nearest the front turbo I can get the connection to the cats bolted up but due to the angle of the O2 sensor bung I cannot get it back in because the rear O2 sensor is in the way. I can't remove the rear O2 sensor and put the front in because I'll have no access to get the rear in... make sense?

Basically no matter which side I bolt up first (turbo or cat) I always come up about a 1/4" or so short to make the DP fit.

So I guess what I'm is if anyone has had a similar experience with RL DPs? Would you guys suggest I send them back and get a refund? Is the O2 sensors resting on each other bad?

I know there have been fitment issues in the past but through all my research it seemed the new management at RL had cleared most of that up. Needless to say I'm second guessing my purchase.

Any help is much appreciated!
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