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I bought a used set of LMs with some Michelin Tires on em. Need the LMs only for a project for a customer. Decided to post up the tires for sale. Looked at the tires (brand / model / size). Saw the rear sizes were 275/30r19. From what I know, Michelin PS2S don't make 275/30r19s. So I make a thread assuming that they're Michelin PSS.

So I decide that I'd make a quick sale and post em for $500 and put my email and cell number. Ali over hear has no shame and decides he wants to text me abt the tires at 3am while my whole family is sleeping. I reply back to a few, and then decide to go back to sleep since it's now 3:30am. Ali continues to blow up my phone. And since I'm sleeping and don't reply, he decides to send a $100 paypal paymentto my email I posted on the thread. The funny thing is, that's not even my paypay. Who does that, and just sends money to an email addy and assume that's someone's paypal acct. At this time, I'm already questioning myself if I should even let this weirdo come to my house. And since I have good intentions, I let folks come to my house all the time (which is probably a big mistake, and will never happen again).

The morning comes around, he comes over....cks out the wheels, and tells me that theyre PS2s and NOT PSS. I was surprised bc I looked at the tires and never saw that. So I asked Ali where it said that. So he showed me. The size of thr "PS2" logo was as small as the DOT number.Then he says he doesn't want em and leaves.

30 min later, he's texting me like he's my ex girlfriend. That it was a total waste of time (which I understand, and it was my fault for not dounle checking) and that imma burn im hell, and fuck u, fuck this...!! He kept going on. I apologized and all, but still continued to talk shit to me.

Fellow members, if imma pull a fast one on someone...I wouldn't let someone come to my house to do a transaction. I would do it somewhere ( gas station, starbucks etc...) where I can't be tracked down. But it was a simple mistake and I just bought these tires used from another member. I apologize to the guy, and he took off like a little baby. Some of u guys may know me, and some of u may not...but I do good business and these stupid tires ain't gonna make or break my business. It was an honest mistake!! Ali is just making a small thing so big. Did I waste his time that bad?? Or maybe waste his gas?? Ok, let me give u $20 for the gas u burned. I don't have time to be posting here on this forum telling members the story. I have a business to run. Ali had the chance to tell me how upset he was, instead u just post like a little girl behind a computer screen. And to top it off, u won't even bitch to the rest of the members with ur own screen name. But u know what, I feel good that u spent the time to open a screen name just for me. Shows me how valuable ur time is.

fellas, have a good day...and enjoy the weekend!!

And for those that may not wanna buy from me bc of this, u guys are making a good decision!!

And lastly, my fellow followers, forum buddies, friends, and family... till the next time. See u guys soon and continue to #FLOSS like u do!!