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CCW's Final Decision

Im pulling the trigger on CCWs.

Lowered on KW V1's they are almost as low as they can go. I initially wanted to not roll my fenders however I decided that is ok with me.

I would like to run something aggressive (not too aggressive that I need -4 degrees of camber). The car is finished for what suspension it has done and the camber I am running.

If I have to stretch a rear tire that is OK with me (some people hate the idea it doesnt effect me as I will not track my car).

Questions I have:
-With LCI can i run a 9" wide in the front? If so what offset?
-If i run 8.5" in front instead 9" what offset would you recomend? I was thining +30?
-The rears! I would like to run something that will have a lip. As I said before if I need to roll I do not want to pull or shave
-I was thinking for 9.5" +30 or 10" +32/33

I am decided on the 18's LM20's.

I AM LCI however. Anyone have pics of LCI with theyre offsets too please!