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Originally Posted by Andy M View Post
(Disclaimer: this is more ranting than anything)

So today coming out of Fox Drive trying to merge onto Whitemud, the blonde woman driving a BMW X3 while talking on a cellphone and checking her makeup in the rearview mirror while tailgating me, cuts me and the car in front of me off almost causing a wreck. She drives away from the honking giving people the finger with the non-cell hand while cutting of 2 other cars. Exercise: count the number of stereotypes.

What bugs me though is since I bought a BMW, some comments I've got is "oh so you're a bad driver now?" etc. That's a BMW stereotype but some people just don't give us a good name at all unfortunately. It's kind of sad actually.

I guess with great (horse)power comes great responsibility. Some people just don't deserve to drive the BMW badge...