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Originally Posted by TWiTCHY View Post
Hmm I've only had it for about a week and haven't brought it to any major events or shoots yet. But my first impression coming from a Nikon was that it was shit. Canon skimped on the material quality like the rubbers and plastic, and even their lens caps are horrid! The $100 50mm f/1.8 II felt like a McDonald's Kid's meal toy, while the Nikon that I had was entirely made of metal and even had a rubber focus ring! I miss Nikon's auto-focusing system which completely blows this one out of the water. At times I regretted getting the 5D2 instead of the D700, but I figured I would get used to it.

I'm VERY impressed by the image quality and ISO. It holds natural colors in high ISOs extremely well compared to the D700 (I compared them side-by-side at a store) which would lose contrast, and if indoors, turn orange/yellow, but that was probably due to the flickering lights I was underneath.

I haven't had it long enough to declare it an AWESOME camera, but that day will hopefully come this weekend - Northwest BMW BBQ meet!

Compared to Nikon, the 5D2 is made for the artsy-type person or the guy with a studio that can take the time to set up the camera, while the Nikons seem to work well for events and sports shooting.

I haven't had any previous experience with other Canon DSLRs, so I can't tell you much in terms of upgrading from a lesser model to this.

If you want to know more about the 5D2, ask Vudoo4u2. He would know more about it than I do. Think he's been a Canon guy from day one.
I've heard nothing but good from people with nikons. I've been thinking about making the switch but I've got too much invested in canon that I simply cannot. I agree the f/1.8 feels like a kids meal, I broke 2 of them and decided to get the f/1.4 and it is day and night with the two. If you want quality build lenses from canon you can't really skimp on money I've found.

I hope you enjoy the camera but if you don't and are going to sell it then give me shout.