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I don't have anything for sale, but thought I'd share an experience. I recently installed a 10" sub in my e91. I tried a Massive Audio P1200.1 amp first, and the sub sounded great. But the amp itself wrecked my radio reception. Apparently some Class D amps have power supplies that switch in frequencies that cause EMI in the FM band.

I changed to a Helix D One, and the issues went away. This is also a Class D amp, but clearly is designed better. So I guess my advice is, if you buy new, make sure you get it from somewhere you can return it to if you run into the same issue... it was really frustrating.

You can fix the issue with faraday cages as well, and some people have success moving amps or just reorienting them.... but I think the real solution is to get one that doesn't suck.