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The 15HP difference between iS & Z4 is due to the increased under hood clearance in the Z4, it allows for a larger & easier breathing intake. The Engine, ECU & OverBoost are the same in both. Of course a slight diff in software to take advantage of that increased air flow thats avail.
I've read that the N54 "S" in the 1M has special downpipes with freer flowing cats. Apparently, these can be retrofitted onto other N54 cars.

I think there may be a temperature issue with the Z435is as well. The large underhood cavity giving better cooling.

I'd be suprised if there are any major differences in the software between the 335is, Z435is and 1M (and possibly the N54 PPK software). Remember the engine+software has to get certified for emissions which is very costly, especially in the U.S.

I'm sure BMW would want to get maximum return on investment by using the software in three different models with the same engine.

Anybody got any knowledge to the contrary?
Yeah i was thinking it was something like this which explained the hp difference. I understand not wanting to step on the toes of the 1m, so the z4is should've only had 320hp. And i was just thinking that wouldn't it have been cool if the 335is had 335hp?!
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