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That sounds cool, but has it been confirmed that there is no way the dealer can tell you had aftermarket software on the car?
If you leave the software on your ECU the dealer will know if they connect the diagnostic tester to your car. Cobb makes it easy to reflash the original software back on your ECU, and then the dealer has no way of knowing. Somewhere in the 7000 post in the thread below gets into this detail explaining why the dealer would not know. If you check out the Cobb site you will see it is pretty easy to do.

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That's good to know. However it makes we wonder if even if they can't see the aftermarket software per se because you removed it prior to taking it in, if there's some sort of problem with the engine, turbos, etc., I'm sure they would do some more digging and be able to see some logs or something showing unusually high boost levels.
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