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Cool Just returned from Maui and Big, made me miss my 335!

Just got back from a few weeks on the islands. Man did it make me miss my car. Also, I was AMAZED at the lack of e92 335's during my trip. I saw ONE e90 335 (black one) on Maui and he was driving along with me (randomly) on the whole Hana Highway jaunt. I also saw two e92 328's. One vert, one hard top. I was shocked to not see them all over the place, especially in Maui!

Anyway, I had a Wrangler on Big Island (lots of fun getting up to the summit in that with the 4-Low and having it control the speed so well in decent) I really LOVE Wranglers when you consider what they are made for, i.e. not highway driving. A LOT of toughness and quality to make sure they can claw through just about anything. I was worried about heating up the trans, decending 14,000 feet in 4-Low, so I looked for the trans cooler before I set off. That's when I noticed that I was staring at it...I thought it was the radiator at first, it was so big!)

On Maui I had a Sebring convertible. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL car. The ONLY redeeming quality was the top was quick and fully automated - and it was a vert after all. But everything else about it sucked so bad. It made me miss my 335 so much. I swear, taking a turn at 10 mph over the yellow "recommended speed" signs made the car feel like it was going to roll over!