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5 Favourite Marques and 5 Least Favourite Marques!

Another little quiz, like your five cars for under 50K!

I'll start the procedings, five fave five least fave and reasons why!

My Five Favourite Marques.

1. Porsche - You all knew it would have to be, for being Porsche, not another brand like it, for being unique, for surviving against the odds. Not forgetting the beautiful, awe-inspiring cars they make that are in reach of everyone (not new - fair enough but everyone can own a Porsche : ))

2. TVR - Why? Plastic British sports cars built in a Blackpool shed that smell of glue, often go wrong, sound utterly amazing, supercar performance for shopping car money, says it all, we are British, we should be proud of our eccentric tastes and TVR just sums up what a British sports car is all about I love them and can't wait to own one!

3. Lamborghini - The car of the devil, over the top Italian extreme, what is not to love?

4. BMW - For the M Cars, for the M1, Z1 and other limited production specials. Mainstream, affordable and fun. BMW = RWD in a FWD dominated world, is it any wonder they sell so many?

5. Ferrari - Who doesn't dream of owning a Ferrari? They have made some of the most beautiful cars both looking and sounding ever produced, they are admired even by people who aren't really into cars.

And my 5 least favourite marques!

1. Toyota - From the heady days of the MR2 turbo and Supra, to boring FWD hatches, and the Prius monstrosity, Toyota have gone from producing some boring mixed with some very capable cars to producing the most horrible FWD shopping cars A shame.

2. "Chevrolet" - Why oh why rebrand the Daewoo cars "Chevrolet"

3. Aston Martin - Now this may cause a little controversy, I really do not like Aston Martins, I don't understand what posessed people to aspire to them, to me they are dreadfully ugly, don't have great performance to the amount they cost, they don't turn heads, one Marque I will never, ever understand, each to their own.

4. VW - never ever appealed to me, just seem a bit too ordinary, run of the mill and boring. I personally see nothing special in them at all at the same time I have no interest in Hot Hatches so original Golf GTis and the like aren't anything interesting to me, hence I don't "get" VW!

5. Saab - Another GM company in here, I was going to put Vauxhall then remembered both the VX220 and the Monaro which almost made me forgive them a little then remembered the Corsa, Astra and Vectra, yawn mobiles behond belief lol, in the end I opted for Saab - another Marque I just don't "get" and have no affection for what so ever!
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