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It showed up in new posts, so I had to chime in... even from another country. Pardon my glaring Americanism

Fave 5

1. Ferrari - I wouldnt be surprised if this got at least 1/3rd of the number 1s. It got me into cars in the first place. Passion, beauty, and performance. It's automotive perfection.

2. Porsche - Used to think they were overrated until my old man got a 911S. Never has one test drive changed an opinion so greatly.

3. Audi - No one makes better interiors. None of the other germans feel as solidly built. And its wonderful having a car that you dont see everywhere because the posers everywhere arent buying them for status. The S5, the R8, the TT, and the A8!? Huge improvements on what used to be a blah lineup. Audi's making massive strides.

4. Acura - Maybe not so much anymore, but they used to make the most underrated cars on the planet. The Legend was one of the greatest cars of the 90s and i've never had a bad experience having one or living with one. I hope they turn things around (no more rsx or cl, the "revised" RL, and the ridiculously underpowered tsx are huge disappointments), but I've always said that my dream garage would be a Ferrari as a once a month, a Porsche as a once a day, and an Acura as a DD.

5. Lexus - the only japanese manufacturer that stands toe to toe with the bigs from germany. I'm not old enough for one yet, but they'll always have my respect.

Runner up- Hyundai: I've been rooting for them since 2000. I love to see them proving the haters wrong.5

Least Fave 5 (from least hated 5 to most hated 1
5. Mercedes - 80% of their owners buy them for the show factor. I dont find any of their models to be superior to the competition except the C63. The only other cars that I find appealing in their lineup are grossly overpriced (a CL550 or above that costs more than a 911S? An S550 that starts at $15k more than an A8L!? I'll pass). I love the C63 though, and because of this up and coming trend of sportier more early-90s benz quality cars, they are teetering on getting off my bad list.

4. BMW - I'm going to be grilled at the stake for this. But the build quality has gone down so far. The cars dont drive like they used to. They've gotten to japanese looking (what's with all the newfound curvyness!). They're just so grossly overrated. The 3er is the only car that I find to be better than its competition. I never liked the 6 series. Coming from an M-sport E39, I found the E60 to be massive, floaty, and just unbmwlike. There's nothing I like about the 7 more than the A8 or S. I do like the Z4, especially the Z4M. Thats a great car for them. I suppose my dislike for BMW comes from the Lebron-factor.. aka when you have a billion fanboys that proclaim you as king when you really arent doing anything to earn that title. While Benz is getting more performance oriented and "hardcore", BMW seems to be going in the opposite direction. Because I take stronger interest in what BMW does (obviously), i'm angered by their current actions and direction more than the other companies, thus they end up in the 4th spot.

3. Infiniti - Not really a big hater. But you drive an Acura and then a BMW it seems natural for them to be on the least favorite list. They havent made a car as comfortable as the J30 since, well, the J30. They let the Q45 die. And the M45 has got to be the gaudiest damn car out right now.

1. Ford/Lincoln - Why does Lincoln still exist? Seriously! Make something new and competitive for people under 60! When your flagship is an SUV, your company is lacking. And ford... ford ford ford. How about you let Americans get your good cars? And Mustang owners and their anti-import anything, macho man, no replacement for displacement attitude makes me nauseous. Not that they're all this way... but boy, they're out there.
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