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Originally Posted by NFS View Post

1. Lotus (because of the Exige and Elise)

2. BMW (because they insist on rear wheel drive)

3. Lamborghini (because their cars are still wild and I'd rather have a raging bull than a prancing pony)

4. Jaguar (because they still have some sense of englishness, and Jonathon Palmer used their bits to make the Jaguar JP)

5. Porsche (because love em or hate em they are bloody quick cars)

Least Favourite:

1. Smart (because it's not big or clever)

2. Mercedes (because it's fur coat and no knickers)

3. Kia (because I don't need a warranty)

4. Hyundai (for making the most gutless ever 2.7 litre V6)

5. Audi (because they make decent cars, but send the power to the wrong wheels)
May I please add Kia and Hyundai to my Least Favourite? Good choices, may I add
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