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companies / brands I like:

1. Honda - Recent designs are quite rubbish, but they make some of the best engines in the world. The nsx and the s2000 are two of my favourite cars, and Honda's fwd performance cars (Type R especially) are pretty good too.

2. BMW - I don't really know how to explain why I like BMW, but it might be because I really like their designs (all eras). There's something about the way they do things that just clicks with me. Then there's the fact that they drive very well, and that they are well positioned in the market (with the high residuals and the inclusive servicing/warranty). They make great engines too. I especially like the products which have been developed under Bangle.

3. Mercedes Benz - Only recently have I come to appreciate Mercedes' vintage designs. I don't like their new stuff, save for a few models - but for sure, MB used to make the best cars in the world.

4. Toyota - This company knows how to run itself. Very well. If only GM had the same business sense. Long term thinking = long term success. Though their current adm offerings are quite sedate, I think that we are going to see a lot of exciting products from Toyota, especially through Lexus (GSF? LFA? Supra Successor?).

companies / brands I dislike

1. Hummer - I can't really take someone who drives a hummer seriously. I can accept that many people are ignorant about cars, or have unusual taste - but for someone to go out and buy a hummer really demonstrates a higher level of stupidity. If they wanted something that looked 'big and tough', they could have bought an MB G-wagen or maybe a Jeep. Why Hummer? They can't even manage off-roading for fucks sakes. H2, H3 or whatever they have now, all look ridiculous. Bonus points if you have oversized chrome wheels.

2. Volkswagen - It's not that I don't the like the company (ag), but I really hate the VW branding. They really need to fire / hang their marketing team. The adverts they use are horrible - flower power? fuck that. and they should change their logo - so ugly. Moreover, what's with the high priced vehicles? can you really sell cheap Mexican made econoboxes in the same brand as high end luxury sedans? Sounds like they want to be like MB, only they are doing it wrong.

3. Chrysler llc - shit design, shit engineering, shit manufacturing, shit materials, shit product, shit management. This company had potential, especially with the MB merger. I suspect the major reason it didn't work out was because of the management in play. I hope Cerberus can do a good job sorting this company out, otherwise they are bound to fail.


brands I see potential in:

Audi - used to be very boring, but is now getting better with designs like the new RS4, S5 and R8. The current A8/S8 is very good looking, as is the new TT. I can see this brand getting a lot more popular over the next 5-10 years. It's too bad they only use FWD and AWD. It should be RWD and AWD.

Jaguar - the new XF really impressed me. If Ford can make cars like that, then I think they can really turn the brand around.

and that's all I can think of at the moment.