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Top 5

1. Bugatti (VW) - because they did the impossible. A 250mph+ auto with electric seats and sat nav? We are at least a decade away from any other manufacturer achieving this.

2. BMW - How every car must be good to drive. From their cheapest to the most dear. The mass produced performance car. Also, one of the few manufacturers left to be their own company. Not owned by anyone else, no part sharing (PSA not incl. )

3. Honda - Mad respect, for their innovation and their VTEC engines. I see them as the Japanese BMW's.

4. Pagani - Perhaps the only car I would ever have over a Veyron. For me it has the best 'image' in the world. But not as much value for money as a Bugatti. Just look at the interior!

5. Lambo - Probably their designs. Although they are owned by Audi (and so on), when you drive one you forget all about 'part-sharing'! However, they are the only supercars I have ever driven, so I will reserve judgement or the competition..
Oh and how they SOUND!!

Bottom 5

1. (The Worst) Chrysler - Still confused as to why they are still in existence. Oh yes, the fact that 0% of their cars are exported out of their home country.

2. Ssangyong - LOL :

3. Vauxhall - No one says that a cheap(er) car producer can't make cars which have desirability / passion. No car does it for me in their lineup. OK, I have read the VX220 is a good car, but why copy Lotus and expect to sell more?

4. G-Wiz - I admire what its trying to do... well, rather here than in the Top 5. Why not have a body designed like a Gallardo, and have the standard engine? At least that would be a start.

5. Citroen - Nice looking. But I don't like how bits of the interior break in my hand. (Fragile)


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