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1. Has to be a Porsche now - having now driven 2 different models I can honestly say I didn't realise a car could come so close to being nearly as much fun as a motorbike. A nearly new Porsche is more or less affordable as well.

2. BMW 3 Series (6 cylinder variants), whatever fuel the car 'drinks' they are smooth, quick, comfortable, handle better than their equivalent rivals and are a 'nice place to be'. Build quality could be better in the cabin though imo.

3. This may not be popular but wtf. Sporty Fords for sheer affordable fun and overall aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Well done Ford for always building engines that concentrate on the important overtaking speeds and not balls out 0-60 and top end.

4. Bentley - for very impressive, fast, luxurious continental cruisers and sheer presence.

5. Land Rover! Mainly the 'proper' ones. Love em' or hate em' they are the ubiquitous and original work horse. Over 75% ever built are still running. And they were a British classless icon.

Not favs.

1. Most of the Rover cars and driven by flat cap wearing, stick to the speed limit, I've bought British (Japanese) brigade. Embarrassing when the skills are there to build far better.

2. Citroen Picasso - cheap, nasty and dangerous (horrendous electrical faults), and you see them everywhere.

3. Average Mercedes. Dull, boring, average handling, over priced and suspect build quality (apparently improving).

4. VW Passat. Possibly the most boring car ever produced and driven by bored reps. or Mr balding who wishes he could affford a 3 Series.

5. Audi - the A3 (Golf?) and the A4 (run of the mill variants). Just boring all round and you never see them being thrashed.